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Hey everyone, it's good to be here and you're lucky you found me! Chances you came here because you were looking for creepy games is high and that's what we're going to talk about. The huge business around videogames is shifting, and in order to fulfill the people needs, indie and non-indipendent developers are deploying an incredible number of games that are made to scare, terrify your dreams. And damn, they're pretty good at it. We've seen long and intense adventures like Amnesia, Penumbra and SCP: Containment breach, we've also seen how games like Minecraft can definitely scare you and then, well, then it came Slender by parsec productions along with the many remakes that constantly hit the gaming sharing sites. Gamejolt, indiedb and whatever else you may think of. The totally user friendly engines are helping the developers to make bigger things and I'm glad how is this coming out. How many creepy games do you play in a week? Well, personally i spend my entire day reading and playing anything related to this growing genre and you should do the same!

Just, make sure that you're not faint hearted if you want to give these a try, this might really cause a premature death if you're not prepared! If you want to check what's the gameplay, you should subscribe to Pewdipie on youtube (even though he doesn't make a lot of scary videos like he used to be), even Markiplier and Yamimash are good ones, they produce 1 to 3 videos a day, with them you can definitely occupy more than 2 hours of your day, daily! :D